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Investing in Index Funds

Investing in Index Funds: Everything You Need to Know

Are you tired of picking out stocks and seeing your investments fail? You should try out Index fund investing. Index funds are a low-cost and easy way to build wealth over time.  You must have heard about Warren Buffet. He is one of the most successful investors of all time with a net worth of approximately $118 billion. While most of us don’t have the…

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What Is an Index? Types, How It’s Used, and How to Invest in Index Funds

It is essential to track the returns on your investment to know if you are getting sufficient returns. But how exactly do you track the performance of equity or any other asset? The answer is a financial index.  A financial index also known as a stock market index tracks the performance of a preselected group of investments, like stocks and equities. Tracking the performance of…

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Zipline Stock

Zipline Stock: How to Invest in Zipline Pre-IPO

Wondering how to buy Zipline stock? This brief guide will help you understand the company and how to invest in Zipline stock IPO. Zipline Instant Delivery & Logistics is a delivery logistics startup that aims to solve global problems using autonomous drones. It was founded in 2014 and designs makes and operates the largest drone delivery network in the world.  The company is quite young…

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Roth IRA

A Complete Guide on Roth IRA

Saving for retirement is a necessity for every individual. It is crucial to explore your options and pick the right investment vehicle that offers extra savings and an additional edge when it's time to take your money out. This is where the Roth IRA comes in.  A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that offers additional perks that can’t be found in Traditional IRAs.…

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Trading Hours

A Guide to Trading Hours of the World’s Major Stock Exchanges

By definition, a stock market exchange serves as a marketplace where investors can buy and sell stocks. It functions as a dedicated entity for proper trading and spreading information about the various companies listed on the exchange.  The ‘stock market hours’ refer to the stock market timing when they are open and allow investors to trade shares. Nowadays, investors have access to stock exchanges globally…

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